First past the post?

Please follow me:

This is my first entry on the website I’m setting up – a steep learning curve.  My aim in starting this blog is to make contact with people of my generation and in fact any other readers who could be interested in my latest writing project:  “The Cousins’ Chronicle, 1939-1945 and 2015-2016”.  It’s a present-day chronicle and memoir woven around extracts from family newsletters exchanged during the Second World War.  More about this later.  It’s enough to learn how to write posts on a website in the making, without having to worry about what to write.

I spent a good part of this morning worrying about passwords and email addresses and whether to link to existing ones or make new ones.  Finally, I may have got a new email address configured (there’s a word) on my new smartphone, a new gobbledygook password for my aliveinww2 site, access to my btopenworld email, and – swank warning – a link to the website I set up some time ago, mainly for Peter.

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