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I have a friend (Hi, Christine!) who never fills in the subject line on emails.  How sensible of her.  Thinking what the subject is before you write your message can be hard.  When the subject you’ve chosen leads to a long chain, it can be confusingly out of date by the time of the last addition.    Imagine.  Subject heading: many congrats.  An email chain that ends a month later with the message So sorry you didn’t get your new job.  I chose “Seconded” as title for this second post, thinking of committee meetings; someone proposes a motion and it gets seconded.  I’ve spent the morning working out whether a post is a blog. The word blog makes me think of muddy footprints.  I can hear a cry go up: “Look what you’ve done.  Blogs all over my clean kitchen floor”.   Possibly, and possibly not, the first page of the Alive in WW2 website will show my muddy footprints as I make them.  Will they then get posted onto another page of the site.  And will they ever get read?

This second post invites the comment “Seconded!”

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