White Lies, out now

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http://www.createspace.com/6463366 White Lies by Susan Barrett

I understand that the royalties are better on books sold through Createspace than they are on Amazon.  On the other hand, I reckon it’s easier to find titles on Amazon.

To my dismay I see that a very large number of other writers have trampled this path before me with the very same title.  There’s another Susan Barrett at work, too.  Should I start my writing life again with a new name?  If so, what would I choose?  That’s a tasty morsel of a thought for an idle moment: Hilda Prendergast comes immediately to mind.  What’s the betting that there are hundreds of Hilda P’s out there with a long list of novels to their mutual name.  Otherwise, why did it come to mind?  Go on, google her.

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