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At last – this book is about to become available as a paperback on Amazon.  It’s the reason I set up this website.  My aim was to go out into the virtual world, as best I could, and establish some kind of communication with potential readers.  Apart from the good friends on my contact list, I was doubtful if I’d manage to reach anyone unknown.  Nor did I expect to reach new readers with the publication of the two novels I’ve brought out with Createspace to pave the way for this non-fiction title.  Yet today I was thrilled to bits to see three reviews for ‘White Lies’ on Amazon.  Of course they may be by friends in disguise, but somehow I guess that “A’s Mum” and “Sally Woods” are dedicated book reviewers in their own right.  The “anonymous” first review may be a kind and supportive friend.  Will anyone own up?

Any feedback on these lines is much appreciated, particularly as I’ve been in the wilderness so long.  It became a bit pathetic to go back to reading glowing reviews from the 1970s to summon courage to continue writing.  How feeble could I get?  But now –  —  Michael Frayn, the support of good friends, and unknown reviewers —– I’m basking in the writerly equivalent of golden autumn sunshine.

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