Like London buses? Three in a row!

Please follow me:

The novel ‘White Lies’ was the first.

‘A Home from Home’, also a novel, was the second.

Out now is the third, this time non-fiction and the reason why I set up this website.  Its title is a bit of a mouthful: ‘Alive in World War Two – The Cousins’ Chronicle, commentary and memoir.’


I’m going to retire to my study now, after three months spent getting these titles out into the world.  The two novels, ‘White Lies’ and ‘A Home from Home’, were written between 2010 and 2014.  During this time I also began work on what became eventually ‘Alive in World War Two’.  That was far bigger task than I’d  imagined at the start – as I’ve probably already said several times with varying degrees of pride and/or chagrin.  I slipped into this exercise by way of offering to type up a collection of family newsletters exchanged during the Second World War by a number of cousins.  Gradually I found myself wanting to serve up the collection in a digestible way for a wider readership than just the family.  Well, that’s now done.  I have no idea if there will be a wider readership or not.  I shall just let the book float away under its own steam.

Meanwhile, I’m off on a new tack: another novel with the working title ‘Greek Gold’.  Making the stuff up is the fun part, even while it is difficult enough however practised you are.  The production and sales are the hard grind.  Fortunately, I don’t feel the need to expend more energy in this direction than I already have.

I may post again, every so often.  Research will be the topic, probably …

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