Do you feel on the inside the way you look on the outside?

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We get so used to the appearance of people – our family, friends, people in the public eye – that we think we know what they’re like.  But think for a moment what it feels like to be you, and match that against what you see in the mirror.  The mirror image may not be what other people see when they look at you.  And no-one else can possibly know what it feels like to be inside that face and body.

I’ve been contemplating the mismatch between appearance and inner experience, prompted by an interview I did with wonderfully exuberant Michelle Cornwell-Gordon, of the U.S. IndieReview Behind the Scenes programme.  Maybe there are people who come across this post who feel exactly the same inside and outside.  I don’t.  I had to ask my husband as we watched the video together, “Is that really like me?”  It wasn’t that I particularly object to the person I saw being interviewed.  It was simply hard to accept I am that person.

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