A constant experiment

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When we lived in Papingo, one of the  Zagori villages in north-western Greece, I worked on an Amstrad.   Before that, I had something called a Screentyper which was the very latest in electric typewriters.  It had a rudimentary wordprocessing system.  How many years ago now?  Our Greek book  Travels with a Wildlife Artist, the Living Landscape of Greece was published in 1986.  So I’ve been using wordprocessing software of one sort or another for thirty three years.   Anyone would think I was adept by now.  I’ve always learnt by trial and error, and there have always been many errors on the way to the knowing how to do something.  As the systems change constantly, I feel I’m constantly back at the beginning.  With WordPress, I’ve been playing around with different themes, and I’ve still not learnt how to get the social media icons onto my sidebar.  My thought today that, like software, life itself is in constant need of the Update button.

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