One, two, three, Go

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This is my fourth post.  I’m getting more familiar with manipulating the wordpress site and I think I’ve set up a form that will suit me.  That’s  static content on the pages in the menu on the top right of the home page, and a non-static home page on which I can blog away like this.

The last time I wrote in a free-flowing manner was in the late 1970s when Peter and I were going through emotional turmoil, sorting out the midlife crisis of our marriage.  I wrote masses each day.  When we had come through the crisis and had moved house, I had a big bonfire of all the outpourings – rather regretful of losing some of the better expressions of feelings and thoughts but not wanting to share them with anyone beyond the original reader, Peter.

In normal circumstances I’m a very fiddly writer, going over and over each sentence to see that I’ve said absolutely exactly what I intended to say.  I’m never satisfied.  I daren’t re-read my published work because, if I did, I’d be miserable I couldn’t make it better.

The site’s new page (which I hope will appear in the menu today) is a work in progress: a description of my present writing project, the Cousins’ Chronicle.  I re-write it every time I look at it.  Anyone who reads this and likes writing too, do tell me your writing habits.  I believe there are some people who can write quickly and perfectly without any need for tidying up as they go along.   I’m not one of them.

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