What’s in a name?

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I’ve completed a tour of book bloggers in the States, organised by Teddy Rose of virtualauthorsbooktours. This, as yet, hasn’t resulted in more sales of the promoted title, White Lies, but the novel has been read by more people than I could reach on my own bat, as well as receiving some good reviews.
In the process I noticed on the novel’s Amazon.com page a reviewer mixed me up with a Susan Barrett who lives in Atlanta. I’ve also noticed that when the name Susan Barrett is googled, Goodreads has me as Author of Fixing Shadows. That’s another Susan Barrett. I should have given myself a middle initial like so many do, but way back when I started being published I didn’t foresee the proliferation of identical names.
What are all we Susan Barretts to do? It’s far too late for old-timers like me to start putting middle initials to our name. I’d love to become Susan Z. Barrett. Zuleika? Zandra?
If the author of Fixing Shadows happens to read this – or anyone who knows her personally – I would love to be in touch. I was so indignant when she first came on the scene and I realised that I wasn’t the only British novelist called Susan Barrett on the planet. I expect she felt the same when she discovered there was someone out there before she wrote her first novel.

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